Captioning Corner: What employment opportunities are at 130?

By Deanna Baker

There would be other things besides offline captioning you could use your skills for. Offline captioning really doesn't have anything to do with steno writing except possibly as a word processor making a transcript, if needed. And then much more is involved than transcribing, such as grammar skills, editing skills, understanding the audience, etc. Otherwise, it's all computer work.

Right now you could do other types of transcription work such as: Police department audiotapes can be transcribed; doctors' notes and other medical records can be transcribed; district attorneys' offices need courtroom audiotapes and/or videotapes transcribed; authors who dictate instead of write can use student reporters; or try scoping or working in a local reporter/captioner office.

I would also suggest the NCRA Virtual Mentor Program. Thank you for your question!

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