NCRA Certifications


What will NCRA Certification do for you?

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s harder than ever to impress your clients and employers. In this environment, there are only so many ways for you to differentiate yourself from other available options – whether that’s fellow reporters seeking the same opportunities or alternative technologies that might be under consideration. Benefits of certification


Laura Ohman

“I think having an NCRA certification definitely puts you at the top of the list when firms are looking for reporters to represent their company.” Laura Ohman, RPR



Learn about NCRA Certifications

Registered Skilled Reporter (RSR)

NCRA's designation that will recognize those stenographic professionals who are looking to validate their beginning level of competency. MORE

Registered Professional Reporter (RPR)

NCRA’s foundational certification designed for entry-level freelance and official reporters, students, those looking for a salary increase, and those in need of a license requirement. MORE

The Registered Merit Reporter (RMR)

NCRA’s next-level skills certification designed for mid-career court reporters, those looking for the next level of networking, and those looking for a potential salary increase. MORE

Registered Diplomate Reporter (RDR)

NCRA’s highest degree of certification designed for elite reporters desiring to join an exclusive club of reporting excellence. MORE

Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR)

NCRA’s realtime proficiency certification designed for those who want to demonstrate realtime competency, those looking for an additional salary increase, and reporters who wish to market themselves better as realtime reporters. MORE

Certified Realtime Captioner (CRC)

NCRA's foundational certification designed for entry-level captioners who would like to begin working in the broadcast or CART captioning fields. MORE

Certified Reporting Instructor (CRI)

This program for teachers of court reporting encourages excellence in the educational programs that prepare tomorrow’s court reporters. MORE

Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS)

This certification is designed for legal videographers to showcase proficiency in video deposition practices. MORE