Registered Skilled Reporter (RSR)


Registered Skilled Reporter


What is the RSR?

The Registered Skilled Reporter (RSR) is NCRA's new designation that will recognize those stenographic professionals who are looking to validate their beginning level of competency. Historically, NCRA utilized another designation with a 200 WPM skills examination referred to as the Certificate of Proficiency (CP). The Certificate of Proficiency (CP) testing requirements in state statutory language should be recognized as the same as the testing requirements for the Registered Skilled Reporter (RSR).

Created as a stepping-stone credential to ultimately achieving the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) designation, the RSR certification will offer the prestige of an NCRA certification for those new or returning to the court reporting profession who have yet to be able to get their writing speeds up enough to earn the RPR.

Earning the RSR will demonstrate an ability to hold a verified level of skill to current and potential clients; current and potential employers; and fellow reporters.


Who is eligible to sit for the RSR exam?

Current or aspiring stenographic reporters. Candidates do not need to be members of NCRA in order to take the RSR Exam.

How to maintain your RSR certification

Candidates who wish to use the RSR credential must become a Participating member of NCRA within 30 days of passing all RSR requirements. As an RSR, you will participate in NCRA's continuing education program. To renew your RSR, you must maintain your NCRA membership and earn a minimum of 3.0 CEUs over a three-year period.


Recognition of your achievement

After you have earned your certification, you will be able to log in to your NCRA account and print your newly earned certificate to proudly display in your home or office. Your certification also gets recognition in the Journal of Court Reporting and on NCRA's website. NCRA membership also includes a complimentary listing in NCRA PROLink.


Testing information

Online Skills Tests

You have to pass three five-minute Skills Tests (SKT), which evaluate your skills level in three areas:

  • Literary at 160 wpm
  • Jury Charge at 180 wpm
  • Testimony/Q&A at 200 wpm

After dictation, you will have 75 minutes to transcribe your notes and submit your final transcript. You must have 95 percent accuracy on each leg to pass.

You do not have to pass all the components of the certification at one time.

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Note:  Skills requirements for certifications are not interchangeable.