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The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) has been internationally recognized for promoting excellence among those who capture and convert the spoken word to text for 125 years. NCRA is committed to supporting its more than 12,000 members in achieving the highest level of professional expertise with educational opportunities and industry-recognized court reporting, educator, and videographer certification programs. 

NCRA impacts legislative issues and the global marketplace through its actively involved membership. NCRA’s STRONG Committee promotes stenographic captioning and court reporting as the best means to maintain the accuracy of the record.



Mission statement

The National Court Reporters Association promotes excellence among those who capture and convert the spoken word to text and is committed to supporting every member in achieving the highest level of professional expertise.




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View statistics on the various professional types of NCRA members, annual NCRA-approved court reporting program reports, and NCRA certification testing results.

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NCRA history

Celebrating 125 years. Find out how it all got started.

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NCRA Alliances

The National Court Reporters Association maintains strong ties to a number of organizations.


NCRA is honored to be the national group officially designated by Intersteno to represent the United States.


Recording history

NCRA, in conjunction with its philanthropic arm, the National Court Reporters Foundation, has established relationships with a number of organizations to help make oral history collections accessible as transcripts, including the Library of Congress Veterans History Project, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the National Equal Justice Library at Georgetown University Oral History Project, and the Connecticut Bar Foundation Legal Aid History Project. Learn more


Working for equal access

As the organization that supports live broadcast and CART captioners, NCRA has developed working relationships with organizations that support people who are deaf or hard of hearing. These include:

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alliance

The DHHA is a coalition of 15 organizations representing children and adults with hearing loss. This coalition is engaged in public policy and legislative and regulatory issues related to education, telecommunications, and health care.

Friends of the Congressional Hearing Health Caucus

This bipartisan group of Congressmen and staff is interested in advancing the interests of individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing. The chairs are Rep. David McKinley of West Virginia and Rep. Mike Thompson of California. The group typically hosts three educational events regarding issues of importance in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.



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