Web Accessibility Statement

NCRA feels that websites should be available and accessible to anyone, and that accessibility is key to education about the organization. As such, we are committed to adhering as best as possible to web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1 at the AA level).

The current accessibility tool on NCRA-owned web properties (,, and applies to the HTML web content and enhances the user experience for persons with certain disabilities by adjusting the design to their specific needs and allowing screen reader optimization for vision impairment and keyboard navigation for motor impairment. The tool also allows users to make custom adjustments to font, color, content highlighting, animations, audio, and more.

At this time, some of our sites hosted by third-party vendors do/may not currently allow for accessibility technologies to client sites. However, we continue exploring other solutions to implement methods that comply with accessibility guidelines.

As we continue to review all aspects of our websites, we are working on ways to provide accessibility to all content types. Reasonable accommodations have been made to support those with disabilities or impairments.

For questions or difficulty accessing content on any of our websites, including non-HTML content, please contact the NCRA Web Administrator.