Honorary Members

Any person who has attained high rank in the reporting profession as a practitioner of the art of verbatim stenographic reporting, as an author of verbatim stenographic reporting literature, or as a benefactor of the profession, but who is not in the active practice of verbatim stenographic reporting, upon recommendation of the Board of Directors, may be elected an Honorary Member by two-thirds (2/3) of the Voting Members at the annual business meeting.

Santo Aurelio
Corrinne Clark
Sally Cochran
Lulu Crossman
Judith A. Derenberger
Martin J. Dupraw
Mary Louise Gilman
Ervin Gross
Gilbert Halasz
Walter Heironimus
W.M. Keller
Irving Kosky
Harold Krabbenhoft
Richard Lederer
Rachel M. Lerschen
Romano L. Mazzoli
Joseph A. Miller
George A. Monick
Alexander Morris
Richard Mowers
Eugene Olsen
Byron Oyler
Blanche Riesel
Benjamin Rogner
Dorothy Ruf
John Russell
Edward Salbin
Frank Scherman
Richard Smith
Casey Smith
Mabel Snodgrass
Vivien R. Spitz
Norman Stern
Joseph J. Sweeney
Mary T. Wherritt
Russell Williams