NCRA Political Action Committee


The National Court Reporters Association Political Action Committee (NCRA PAC) is an important component of the association’s government relations efforts. NCRA PAC is diligently working on Capitol Hill to give a voice to the interests of the court reporting profession so that we can thoroughly educate lawmakers on the important contributions that our profession makes to the entire nation.

The PAC is the association’s and the member’s direct lifeline to the legislative community that will decide the outcome of the organization's initiatives in Congress. Having a presence on Capitol Hill is critical when working to promote the profession on the national level, and NCRA PAC is an important vehicle through which the Association can deliver NCRA’s message to Members of Congress for our 12,000 members.


NOTE: Certain sections of the PAC website are member-protected and requires member login.

NCRA utilizes this caution due to the very strict rules with which NCRA PAC must comply established by the Federal Election Commission. Some material is not legally allowed to be viewed by the general public.





NCRA PAC functions

Since its establishment in 1981, NCRA PAC has focused on supporting candidates for federal office that promote and advance the court reporting profession. Through its support for those candidates supportive of NCRA and the profession’s legislative issues, NCRA PAC can work hard on behalf of its members to promote and protect the interests of the court reporting and captioning professions.


The primary focus of NCRA PAC is to develop and nurture legislative relationships that will work in the interest of the association’s legislative agenda by:

  1. Electing and re-electing “friends” of NCRA to Congress;
  2. Articulating NCRA’s legislative issues to policy makers on Capitol Hill; and
  3. Cultivating relationships on Capitol Hill that will work to the benefit of the court reporting and captioning professions. To meet these objectives, NCRA PAC contributes to the campaigns of Congressional candidates who have shown their support for the court reporting and captioning professions and the legislative issues of NCRA. It is through these contributions to the election and re-election efforts of the association’s “allies” in Congress that NCRA PAC gains access to voice its interests and concerns to those individuals who are in a position to make a difference for the benefit of the profession.



PAC mission statement

NCRA PAC is committed to advancing the national interests of its members by supporting those candidates for the United States Congress, and building relationships with current Members of Congress, who are advocates for the court reporting and captioning professions.  By making contributions to the congressional campaign efforts of court reporter-friendly individuals, NCRA PAC works to build relationships in Congress that will advance our profession’s interests on a national level.  Through the personal and financial investments of its members, NCRA PAC seeks to give its members an opportunity to more effectively petition their government for the prosperity, promotion and long-term success of the court reporting and captioning professions.




Contact us

Email the Government Relations Department for more information or with any comments or questions you may have.