Distinguished Service Award


Nominations are now closed.


The purpose of the National Court Reporters Association Distinguished Service Award is to encourage and to recognize work amounting to distinguished service by individual members of the National Court Reporters Association for the benefit of the reporting and captioning professions. That may include members who have worked in the background for many years to further the goals of our profession; who have devoted endless hours to NCRA or state association affairs; who have contributed articles to the JCR; or who have been active in the legislative or public relations fields over the years.


Nominations for the DSA may be submitted by NCRA voting members or by affiliated court reporting associations. Candidates must be a Registered Member of NCRA in good standing or a Registered Retired Member or Registered Retired Lifetime Member who was a member in good standing upon retirement.


The committee may direct that the name of any candidate or candidates not selected be carried forward for consideration by the next year's DSA committee. To make sure your candidate remains on the list, please submit his/her name each year!



Past Distinguished Service Award recipients

2023 Heidi C. Thomas
2022 Sue Terry
2021 Alan Peacock
2020 No award in 2020
2019 Bruce A. Matthews 
2018 Heywood Waga 
2017 Nancy C. Varallo
2016 William S. Greenley (posthumously)
2015 Sandra B. VanderPol
2014 Brenda L. Fauber
2013 Ellen Corbett Hannum
2012 Jerry Kelley
2011 Arnella I. Sims
2010 Forrest Brown
2009 John Prout
2008 Vicki Akenhead-Ruiz
2007 J. Edward Varallo
2006 Tammie Shedd
2005 Lana M. Fruke
2004 Judith H. Brentano
2003 Jean Lea
2002 Joseph Karlovits
2001 Gary Cramer
2000 Richard A. Sherman
1999 Irving L. Starkman
1998 Mae Glassbrenner
1997 Merilyn A. Sanchez
1996 Dennis Hagestrom
1995 Shirley Houston
1994 Robert H. Clark
1993 Richard Heilig
1992 Sandra McFate
1991 Al Weinstein
1990 Nancy Patterson
1989 Frank O. Nelson
1988 Harold Krabbenhoft
1987 Doris Wong
1986 Mary Knapp
1985 Frank Sarli
1984 Richard E. Peppey (posthumously)
1983 Harry Foster
1982 Richard Smith
1981 Samuel A. Fitz-Henley
1980 Mary Louise Gilman
1979 Sally J. Cochran
1978 Irving Kosky
1977 M. Eugene Olsen
1976 Casey B. Smith
1975 Robert B. Morse
1974 Mabel Snodgrass
1973 R. Forrest Brenner
1972 Joseph J. Sweeney
1971 Vivien R. Spitz
1970 Rosemary K. Overstreet
1969 William Cohen
1968 Roy E. Voelker
1967 Nathaniel Weiss
1966 J.L. McAtee
1965 Ray J. Lerschen
1964 Tula C. LeWald
1963 Francis J. McSwiggan
1962 Rachel M. (Smith) Lerschen
1961 Nathan Behrin
1960 Richard Mowers




Laura Butler, Director, Governance
Email: lbutler@ncra.org
Tel: (703) 584-9032