Exam Retention Policy FAQs

Why is NCRA putting an expiration date on my test history?

The new policy ensures that candidates are highly likely to maintain their skills while completing all requirements and will be more likely to pass all requirements for reporter certifications because their skills (speed and or accuracy levels) will be at their highest.

Does the policy affect my test history for a certification I already hold?

No. The exam retention policy only applies to test history that is earned towards a certification that is not fully completed.

How does the new exam retention policy affect my existing passed test history?

Already-passed tests earned prior to the launch of the exam retention policy on October 1, 2018, will expire on November 1, 2021. If you have passed any portion of the requirements for a certification (for example: your RPR Literary (11/2/2012) and RPR WKT (10/8/2014)), then those components, whether specific test legs or educational sessions, would apply to the exam retention policy. After November 1, 2021, you would need to re-take those components to have them apply towards your RPR if you have not completed all the requirements by November 1, 2021.

What does my Passed Certification Test History show?

It shows when a certification requirement for a multi-requirement certification (RPR, RMR, CRC, CLVS) is passed and when that passed test history will expire.

Does the exam retention policy dictate how many times I can test?

No. You can test as many times as any one exam is offered.

How/where can I check the status of my passed test history?

You can check your active passed test history by following these steps:

  1. Log into NCRA’s website (NCRA.org) using your member number and password. Login img

  2. Once logged in, under “Welcome Name,” click My Profile. Welcome

  3. Under My Profile, click My Education and select “My Passed Certification Test History.” This report will show all passed test history that is current and applicable towards a certification. my education dropdown img

Does the exam retention policy apply to skills tests? Written knowledge tests? CLVS Production Exam? CLVS Mandatory Workshop? CRC Workshop?

Yes. The exam retention policy applies to any requirement that counts towards earning a certification. It applies to all skills exams, all Written Knowledge Tests, the CLVS Production Exam, the CLVS Mandatory Workshop, and the CRC Workshop.

If I am on inactive status with NCRA, do I still have only three years for any test history that I have earned to apply towards a certification?

Yes. The exam retention policy applies to any test or education history that is required to earn a certification. The rules for inactive status only impact CEU requirements and membership payments.

If I am not a current member, does the exam retention policy still apply?

Yes. The exam retention policy applies to anyone with NCRA passed test history.

If I am a current student, does the exam retention policy still apply?

Yes. The exam retention policy applies to anyone with NCRA passed test history.

Can I still test as a non-member?

Yes. Non-members can still test for the RPR, CRC and CLVS.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

You can send your additional questions to testing@ncra.org.