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NCRA is committed to serving you!

Our primary objective is to protect the court reporting profession. A wide range of legislative support is available to NCRA members. Ultimately, however, protecting your livelihood depends on each one of you individually. You are the real troops and it is your efforts that are the key to our success.


Grassroots lobbying

When it comes to accomplishing a legislative goal, grassroots lobbying is one of the most effective tools at your disposal. Organizing and mobilizing can have a profound effect on lawmakers, and NCRA can help you harness this untapped potential.

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NCRA key issues

There are many important issues that affect the court reporting profession. NCRA has all the information you need to stay informed on what is going on in court reporting.

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Nationwide legislation

NCRA's Government Relations Department actively monitors state and federal legislation that would affect the court reporting profession.

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On the Hill

NCRA is actively involved in protecting and advocating for the court reporting profession in the federal government. Learn more about NCRA's federal initiatives.

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Legislative support

A wide range of legislative support is available to NCRA members. We can help you and your state association effectively lobby legislators, conduct research for specific legislative targets, formulate a plan of action for achieving your legislative goals, and develop effective partnerships with other local organizations who may have similar legislative goals.

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Contact us

Email the Government Relations Department for more information or with any comments or questions you may have.