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NCRA offers information and resources for prospective students, current students, schools, and administratores. As you explore these pages, you’ll learn about exciting careers in the field, court reporting programs, student scholarships, mentoring, and more. 



NCRA DiscoverSteno®

Want to learn stenography? Sign up for the NCRA A to Z® Intro to Steno Machine Shorthand program.

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NCRA Approved Court Reporting programs

Learn more about NCRA education standard guidelines and review NCRA-approved court reporting programs.

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NCRF Career Launcher

Need a crash course as a deposition reporter? Career Launcher is a training program designed for court reporting students, new professionals, or anyone who needs a crash course in the life of a deposition reporter.

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Virtual mentor program

Virtual mentoring is a way for today’s professionals to offer students the guidance and encouragement they need to navigate the challenges they face during school and beyond.

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