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Setting the national standard

One of NCRA's primary objectives is to set national certification standards and assist states seeking to establish certification or licensing requirements. To that end, NCRA has administered its nationally recognized certification program for court reporters since 1937. In addition, many states currently accept or use the RPR in the place of the state certification or licensing exam.

NCRA takes seriously the need to develop and administer objective and valid exams. The judicial system, and society as a whole, depends heavily on the services that only a qualified court reporter can provide. Therefore, working with Pearson VUE, Realtime Coach, and ProctorU, we have established a test development and administration process that ensures best practices and standards. This establishes that those who pass NCRA required tests and become certified are truly qualified to provide court reporting services based on that established standard.

NCRA also takes seriously the needs of states that use or recognize the RPR certification as their standard of practice. We work vigorously to maintain the integrity of the NCRA testing process while at the same time striving to provide the best member service possible.

Based on its experience and knowledge; adherence to nationally recognized certification best practices for test development, administration, and security; and a clear emphasis on high-quality member service, NCRA is uniquely positioned to offer the best certification exams in the field.  NCRA certification history




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Dawnique Steel

Achieving my CLVS is a milestone that will allow me to work as a legal video specialist.

Certification allows others to know that I am a competent and professional practitioner.

Dawnique Steel, CLVS, Savannah, Ga.

Being a member of NCRA places me in the ranks of stellar litigation professionals and supports my continued personal growth in advancing technology within the field of law."