About Intersteno

What is Intersteno?

Founded in 1887, Intersteno (officially the International Federation for Information and Communications Processing) is an international association dedicated to: “Capturing the spoken words in all environments and by different techniques and technologies and presenting it in various formats to various categories of users; processing texts and text related data for communication purposes; and the professional skills needed by all persons having a secretarial function.”

Please visit the association's website to learn more about Intersteno.

How is NCRA affiliated with Intersteno?

NCRA is honored to be the national group officially designated by Intersteno to represent the United States. As such, NCRA is a member of the Intersteno Council. Our representation is made possible by funding from NCRA.

How can I get involved?

NCRA’s Intersteno Committee shares its knowledge about stenographic court reporting and captioning with the global community through an Intersteno group called the Intersteno Parliamentary and Other Professional Reporters’ Section.

In addition, NCRA members are invited to participate in Intersteno’s bi-annual Congress and its yearly international Internet Keyboarding Contest.

In 2017, several NCRA members traveled to Berlin to attend the Intersteno Congress.