NCRA is internationally recognized as the premier educational and informational resource for its members and the public. Through its actively involved membership, the association impacts legislative issues and the global marketplace.

Court reporters and captioners use cutting-edge technology to bring the spoken word to text accurately in real time. NCRA members are highly tech savvy as they rely on the latest in technology to get their jobs done. Today’s court reporters can write 225 words per minute or more when capturing the spoken word.

NCRA is committed to supporting its more than 14,000 members in achieving the highest level of professional expertise with educational opportunities and industry-recognized court reporting, captioning, educator, and videographer certification programs.


Mission statement

The National Court Reporters Association promotes excellence among those who capture and convert the spoken word to text and is committed to supporting every member in achieving the highest level of professional expertise.

Awards and contests

NCRA awards a number of honors and awards throughout the year.

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History of NCRA

Find out how it all got started.

History of NCRA