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Welcome to NCRA PROLink Professional Directory

NCRA PROLink is the largest directory of court reporters, captioners, legal videographers, and other associated professionals. Search to find court reporters, captioners, legal videographers, scopists, and firms by locale, certification, and services offered.



Learn how to search using the Online NCRA PROLink

Watch this brief tutorial on how you can use NCRA PROLink to find court reporters, captioners, legal videographers, proofreaders, scopists, and other legal professionals.




ProLink Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about the various NCRA professional credentials?

Select any certification logo below to learn more about certification requirements, testing, and more. 



What are the general features of PROLink?

NCRA PROLink® is a professional member directory providing a means for consumers to search for NCRA members including court reporters, captioners, legal videographers, proofreaders, scopists, and other associated professionals. It also reinforces the value of certification in the profession.

Features include:
  • Offers Basic Listings and upgraded Premium Plus Listings to NCRA individual members. All NCRA members receive a complimentary Basic Listing. Firm Premium and Firm Premium Listings are available for NCRA members who have firms with a physical location and employees. (Visit NCRA PROLink Resources for Members to learn more.)
  • Allows search for services offered and software used.
  • View or search with Google Maps view and address pins of listings.
  • Highlights members and firms who are NCRA Ethics First compliant.



Is there a downloadable print version of the NCRA PROLink online directory?

Yes. A digital ebook of NCRA PROLink is also available. NOTE: This ebook is the 2021-2022 edition. For additional information about the ebook version and pricing of the online listings, please contact



How can I get listed in the NCRA PROLink?

To be listed in the online NCRA PROLink, you must be a current NCRA member and actively engaged in court reporting and captioning. Visit the NCRA PROLink resources for members to learn more.