Nationwide Legislation

NCRA’s Government Relations Department actively monitors legislation around the country that will affect the court reporting profession. Below is a list of current legislation being debated nationwide that NCRA is monitoring.


State legislative bills

California AB 1631 — This bill would prohibit a shorthand reporting service corporation or its owners, managers, or employees, from giving or otherwise providing cash or cash equivalents, including gift cards, for marketing purposes. It also applies to people or entities employing shorthand reporters or contracting with shorthand reporters for services. This bill also prohibits legislative interpretation to limit a shorthand reporting service corporation from entering into long-term or multi-case contracts with attorneys, law firms, or third parties. CA AB 1631 letter- Final

California AB 2084 — This bill would authorize an individual or entity to engage in the business of providing or arranging for court reporters for the transcription of court proceedings if conditions are met. These conditions include that an individual is licensed by the board as a court reporter, that an entity is a shorthand reporting corporation, or that the individual or entity is registered as a court reporter provider. 

California SB 484 — This bill makes it unlawful for a person who is employed by who or independently contracts with an entity that arranges for depositions to offer any gift or incentive associated with a proceeding being reported or transcribed.

California AB 1450 — This bill requires that all transcripts be delivered in electronic format to any court, party, or person entitled to the transcript. Exceptions to this bill include: the transcript is requested to be delivered in paper form; the court lacks the technical ability to accept an electronic transcript and has received advance approval from the Judicial Council to only accept a transcript in paper form; or, until Jan. 1, 2020, an official reporter or official reporter pro tempore has not acquired the technology to submit a transcript in electronic form and has provided advance notice of this fact. The bill would also provide that a court or other entity is not allowed to require an official reporter or official reporter pro tempore to use a specific vendor or software.

Georgia SB 311- This bill expands public access to records and recordings of judicial proceedings, including court reporters’ recordings

Minnesota HF 3952- This bill requests the Supreme Court establish a task force to evaluate the expanded use of audio and audio-visual recording of court proceedings.

New Hampshire HB 1818- This bill lowers the penalty for practicing as a court reporter in the state without a license from a class A misdemeanor to a violation.

New Hampshire SB 334- This bill allows for temporary licensure for court reporters to work in the state. Requires temp license applicant to have a license from another state and apply for full licensure before receiving temp licensure.

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