In-person Skills Testing - Louisville, Kentucky

The testing information below pertains to the following NCRA certifications: RSR, RPR, CRR, and CRC, which will be conducted on site on Aug. 4, 2024, during the 2024 NCRA Conference & Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Exam site information

Exam Date

Sunday, Aug. 4, 2024
  • All tests will be monitored and proctored by NCRA Staff and volunteers.
  • Specific exam report details will be sent via email to all registered candidates no later than July 1, 2024. Candidates must arrive by the assigned report time or forfeit their exam; there is no late admittance.

Exam Venue

Galt House Hotel

140 N 4th Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202


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(Pricing per individual test)


Certification test
Reporter member
Student member
 RSR and RPR  $165  $195  $147
 CRR   $280  Not eligible  Not eligible
 CRC   $280  $305  $250





Report time schedule

Report time
 9:25 AM (EST) RPR Literary RSR Literary
 2 PM (EST) RPR Jury Charge RSR Jury Charge
 4:35 PM (EST) RPR Testimony RSR Testimony

NOTE: Due to the schedule, candidates cannot register to take both the CRR and CRC, or the RSR tests and equivalent RPR tests, as they are occurring in unison.


What to bring on exam day

  • You must bring a valid current photo ID with you to gain entrance to the exam. Candidates who do not arrive with identification will be denied entrance to the exam.
  • Bring a printout of your confirmation email.
  • Candidates may use a printed Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Candidates are responsible for providing all necessary equipment including:

  • Computer
  • Steno machine
  • CAT software
  • Security keys (if needed)
  • USB thumb drive for each test labeled with NCRA ID number and test type
  • Cables (power cords, realtime cable mandatory for CRR and CRC)
  • Extension cords (optional 6 foot recommended)
  • Adapters (if needed, ex. serial port to USB adapter)

NOTE: You CANNOT bring any phones, smart watches, or other smart devices into the test room. Leave all smart devices in your hotel room or car. They will NOT be permitted into the test room.

Bluetooth is NOT permitted. You must have a wired connection.