Captioning: Guidelines for Professional Practice

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Captioners Code of Professional Ethics

The mandatory Code of Professional Ethics defines the ethical relationship the public has a right to expect from a member. The Code sets out the conduct of the member when dealing with the consumer and/or client of CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) and broadcast captioning services and acquaints the consumer and/or client as well as the member with guidelines established for professional behavior.


Guidelines for CART Captioners

NCRA provides guidance for independent realtime captioners on a multitude of style and formatting issues, including parentheticals, obscenities and other sensitive words, scripting, musical notes and lyrics, slang and poor grammar, and much more. The guidelines are meant to complement the guidelines that some captioning companies require their captioners to follow. When captioning companies have guidelines in place for their captioners, the captioning company guidelines take precedence.

Download Guidelines for CART captioners.


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