Retired Membership Request

Thank you for your interest in continuing your NCRA membership. NCRA understands your desire to stay connected with your professional community and is pleased to offer you a way to do so as a Retired Member.


NCRA Retired Member status includes:

  • Membership dues: $150 per year
  • Your certifications will be listed as retired (Ret.) in all print and digital publications that apply
  • You are no longer required to earn CEUs
  • Continued benefits: Access to the monthly issues of the JCR magazine online, JCR Weekly emails, discounts on events, and savings through the NCRA Saving Center, as well as ongoing access to negotiated lower insurance rates
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NCRA will notify you when your invoice is available to pay online, or you may call our Customer Service Center to make a payment.

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Terms and Agreement

Members of NCRA are required to adhere to NCRA’s Code of Ethics. If, as a member, you violate NCRA’s Code and your NCRA membership is suspended or revoked, that information shall be published in the JCR or other NCRA publications. I will abide by the NCRA Code of Professional Ethics and Constitution & Bylaws. I agree that I support the purposes and objectives of NCRA.
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