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  • PAC Governing Board

    The PAC Governing Board consists of eight NCRA members: a chair, a treasurer, assistant treasurer, staff liaison, and four board members. The PAC Governing Board is responsible for assisting NCRA staff with NCRA PAC functions, events, and direction. The Governing Board offers valuable advice and input as members of NCRA who work in the court reporting and captioning professions. They are truly inv…

  • Members Only
    Steno Briefs: Tying a Question and Answer Together

    Question plus other stuff. STKPWHR-OBG – Q. Okay. STKPWHR-RT – Q. All right. STKPWHR-RS – Q. All right, sir. STKPWHR-OU – Q. Now, STKPWHR-UPB – Q. You know STKPWHR-US – Q. Uh-huh. STKPWHR-UG – Q. Huh-uh. STKPWHR-EUPBG – Q. I think STKPWHR-EUPBD – Q. I understand STKPWHR-EUZ – Q. I see. STKPWHR-APBD – Q. And STKPWHR-UR – Q. You are STKPWHR-AUR – Q. And you are STKPWHR-URP – Q. You were STKPWHR-AURP…

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  • Captioning Articles


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  • Robert H. Clark Scholarship

    This scholarship is named for the late Robert H. “Bob” Clark, a court reporter from Los Angeles, Calif., who was dedicated to preserving the history of the profession. Bob was the beloved, longest-tenured Librarian-Historian in NCRA history for approximately 26 years. In 1993, he donated his extensive collection of books, artifacts, and documents related to court reporting to NCRF, establishing th…

  • Awards and Contests

    NCRA awards a number of honors and awards throughout the year. These include: Fellows of the Academy of Professional Reporters Fellowship in the Academy of Professional Reporters is a professional distinction conferred upon a person of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the field of shorthand reporting. View the Fellows or nominate a Fellow Distinguished Service Award T…

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  • 2016 Angels Drive

    The following 121 generous donors have pledged a minimum of $1,000 to the 2016 Angels Drive. The category indicates total amount contributed as an Angel from 2006 to 2016. Footnotes indicate special acknowledgments. $13,000+ donors Marjorie Peters $12,000 - $12,999 donors Hunter + Geist, Inc. Tami & Reggie Keenan Pengad, Inc. Sclafani Williams Court Reporters1 Steve & Laurie Shing…

  • Oral Histories Program

    Professional court reporters will earn 0.25 Professional Development Credit (PDC) for each transcription completed and can earn up to a maximum of 1.0 PDC during their three-year certification period. Additionally, students have an opportunity to earn a complimentary student membership in NCRA through the Student Initiatives Program.

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  • Captioning Corner: Unknown End Times and E-mail Names

    By Deanna Baker I have been approached with a few situations that independent captioners have been facing. Unknown End Times One scenario is when a government meeting runs shorter or longer than expected. One person asked me, “I was contracted to cover a government meeting from 3-4 p.m. but the meeting only went ten minutes. How do I charge for that?” Government-type meetings, councils, board of …

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 1262

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