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    Deposition Briefs

    STURN    state your name STURNDZ  state your name and address STURND  state your name for the record FRORD    for the record STUFRN  state your full name STUFRNDZ  state your full name and address STUFRND  state your full name for the record STURNL  state your legal name STAURGS  state your occupation OFD    off the record OND    on the record BAOND  back on the record UMD  you may answer the ques…

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    Electronic/Digital and Video Recording

    Electronic/digital and video recording references NCRA-sponsored Electronic and Digital Audio Recording Studies Letter from Texas Judge Opposing Electronic Recording_Dec 2000 Who is Using ER? Comparison of CAT vs. ER Talking Points: Electronic Recording (ER)

    Categories: Electronic Recording

  • NCRA Business Summit - Schedule

    Monday, Feb. 4, 2019   Departure  

    Categories: Events

  • PDC Test - Eligible and Registered to Vote

    You can earn 0.25 PDC by passing the exam following this article, which has been approved for publication by NCRA's Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters. The questions are based on the material in the article but some may require additional research. Please take these tests online by following the directions on the main JCR Article test page. 

    Categories: Testing, Continuing Education

  • Realtime Horror Stories

    “I've had that several times, actually! It's like StenoCAT doesn't want to keep up and gets delayed and I define the wrong entry somehow. I'm careful to go a little SLOWER when defining something. It's a nightmare if you aren't able to just click undo or take some scrambled handwritten notes down by pen so that you know what to do on a break to fix it all up.” Michelle Kirkpatrick, RDR, CRR, CRC

    Categories: Realtime, Captioning

  • Foundation Programs

    The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of NCRA. Its charitable initiatives include: Heritage Legal Education Program Oral Histories Program NCRF scholarships and grants Recognition awards Corrinne Clark Professionalism Institute

    Categories: Scholarships, Foundation, Students, NCRF

  • Accommodation: A New Form of Communication

    Once upon a time, a deaf person who was a lip-reader would not even consider going to a public event because they would miss so much. Since they don't speak American Sign Language, an ASL interpreter did not help this population of deaf people. Now, one of the most exciting things happening in our culture today is provision of access in public settings to people who are deaf and hard of hearing, v…

    Categories: Captioning

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    New York State of the Nation Activities Report

    Web site http://www.nyscra.org/ Certification Voluntary Certification board contact Debra Levinson CSR exam Written:  YesSkill: 7 min. 4-voice 200 wpm Q&A, 4min 175 wpm JC, 5 min 175 wpm Q&A Administered by the New York State Department of Education. Exam details for testing are available at NYSCRA.org Contracting N/A Notary requirements N/A Known technologies N/A CEU requirements No mandatory CEU…

    Categories: Certification and Testing, Advocacy, Committee

  • Steno Briefs: Courtroom Terms

    Courtroom Terms*   Agenda JAEND Aggravated assault GRAULT Aggravated sexual assault SGRAULT Bench warrant  BARNT Blackmail BLAIL Bona fide B-FD Can you tell me KUMT Can you tell me in your own words KMOURDZ Challenge for cause KHAUZ Constitutional NEL, SKOURBL Constitutional rights NEL/RAOITS, STURTS County jail KAIL Defendant's Exhibit DOIB Defendant's Exhibit Numbe…

    Categories: Briefs

  • Finances and Operations

    The Board of Directors of the National Court Reporters Association is committed to governing the affairs of the association in an open and transparent manner.  Above and beyond the legal and financial disclosures required by law, the Board makes the following information available to its members:

    Categories: About NCRA

Displaying results 1 - 10 of 2013

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