Guides to help you become a tech-savvy reporter

Below are some links to resources and tools for computer software and hardware skills. If you don’t see your specific CAT software of choice, contact your software vendor with any questions.  If you don’t see your computer model listed, do a simple Google search to research your specific questions. When an issue or problem arises, and you’ve attempted the recommended problem-solving without resolution, it’s always a good idea to reboot your system and try again. Learn more about why rebooting is helpful.



Custom troubleshooting bible

Creating your own on-the-go custom troubleshooting bible for yourself is an excellent idea. It could include software support telephone numbers, account numbers, and anything about your realtime setup and system that you would need at your fingertips. Another section that can be included in your personal troubleshooting bible is a checklist for things to do in order when connecting to a realtime setup to ensure success at all times, especially in a time of crisis.




Last updated 8/1/2018