How to Volunteer

NCRA consists of three interacting groups of people.

  • First are the members. Members are why NCRA exists.
  • Next are the volunteers who work on the committees, task forces, councils, and boards that recommend policy and accomplish the work of the Association. In any given year, about 275 members are providing the leadership and technical expertise that enable our committees and task forces to complete their assignments.
  • Finally, our headquarters staff provides specialized expertise and the full-time labor needed to handle the details of organizational management and to help build programs as directed by the leadership.


Every program and activity of the Association has behind it a network of volunteers and staff responsible for it. If they don’t do their jobs, the program or activity simply doesn’t happen.

Volunteering benefits the volunteer. It provides opportunities for personal and professional growth and networking and the chance to form lifelong friendships.

NCRA is looking for members who want to become involved and make a difference in their profession. Check out the list of committees, task forces, and councils. See which ones interest you, and use the committee volunteer form to tell us about your background and interests. We can’t promise a committee assignment for everyone, but we will try to match your interests and background with our committee staffing needs.

Volunteering isn’t for everyone. But it might be just right for you.

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