Celebrate Certification Month

Celebrate Certification month in May


NCRA has designated May as Celebrate Certification Month. The month-long campaign is a way for its members to show pride in the certifications they have earned, are working to earn, or are intending to earn. It is also designed to help encourage those who haven’t considered earning one of the Association’s many nationally recognized certifications to rethink their decisions. The campaign offers members the opportunity to share with their clients and potential customers the reasons why choosing a professional who holds one or more professional certifications helps guarantees the delivery of high quality products and services.


Below are resources from the 2018 Celebrate Certification month event. We will be adding content for the 2019 as it becomes available.


Certification provides instant credibility — a straightforward way to get through the first screening when making an unestablished connection.

Lindsay Stoker, RPR, CRC

The many rewards of professional certification

From the desire to get ahead in the profession to just having a passion for learning, professionals know that there are an array of reasons to earn valuable certifications.

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