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    How many CEUs do I have and when does my CEU cycle expire?

    For information on your CEU status, please access your transcripts at 

    Why is there a fee to submit coursework to my NCRA transcript?

    NCRA has to maintain a database, financial records, and manage the paperwork for the transcripts. Many states accept our transcript as proof of continuing education for state certification purposes due to our diligence.

    How do I extend, retake or cancel a webinar?

    Complete and submit the Webinar and test retake/extension form

    Is it possible to submit all my CEUs at once for one fee?

    No. There is a separate fee per course as the courses need to be reflected separately on the transcript.

    Why do I keep receiving an error message when I submit my CEUs online?

    There are several common issues that may cause error messages when using the online continuing education submission system.

    1. You are using Microsoft Edge to access the NCRA website. Please try using Google Chrome instead.
    2. You are entering something other than numbers in decimal format in the hours of activity/education field. This field will only accept numbers in decimal format. A 90-minute activity should be entered as “1.5” (without the quotes.)
    3. You are attempting to attach more than one document to your submission. Please combine your documents into one PDF.
    4. The file name for the document you are attaching is too long. Please give this file a short name, without spaces or unusual characters.
    5. The file you are attaching is too large. The system will accept documents no larger than 5 MB. Please attach a smaller document.

    If none of these suggestions resolves the issue for you, please contact

    What is defined as a course?

    A course is defined as:

    1. Multiple sessions taken on one calendar day from the one vendor. Multiple days will incur multiple charges; different vendors require separate fees. The vendors covered by this are below:
      1. Stenograph/Prince Institute
      2. Stenographer’s World
      3. CCR Seminars
      4. Bridges Court Reporting
    2. Any course meeting NCRA requirements from an independently accredited school, college, and/or university.
    3. Multiple programs taught over the course of a single convention.
    4. Individualized training taught on one subject by one instructor or a team of instructors over a 12 month period.

    Are CEU submissions covered under my annual fees to NCRA?

    Your NCRA member dues and CLVS renewal fees only cover the general expenses of maintaining your membership. Additional charges accrue for individual continuing education submissions.

    How can I pay less in continuing education fees?
    • Attend an NCRA sponsored event. NCRA holds several events throughout the year that provide continuing education opportunities for our members, like our annual Convention and Firm Owners Executive Conference. Please check the NCRA calendar of events for more information on what is coming up.
    • Attend a state convention. Most state affiliate associations submit events for approval by NCRA and submit the lists to us after the event. Visit the Continuing Education calendar for more information or check with your state association.
    • View one of NCRA’s On-demand webinars. On-demand webinars represent the most convenient way to earn CEUs when and where you need them. Featuring recorded video and downloadable handout materials, these on-demand webinars allow you to access the best presentations from past NCRA events and webinars. Visit the NCRA Learning Center to explore NCRA's on-demand webinars.