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Congratulations on enrolling in the NCRA A to Z® online program! We are excited to have you with us. All participants in our Asynchronous program are required to download the iStenoPad app or secure a machine through their own sources a at least five days prior to the first day of the course. Machine rentals are NOT available for Asynchronous courses.


App for iPad Users

The following app has been designed for Apple iPad users ONLY. It is not available for Apple iPhone or for Andrioid devices.


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iStenoPad App

The iStenoPad app by Gigatron Software Corp. allows you to download a steno keyboard onto your iPad and functions like a steno machine, scaled to exact steno keyboard size. It will show your steno and English translations, and it has some fun features like turning off/on the letters on the keyboard or changing from regular to wide keys. This is available from the Apple App Store for a one-time price of $19.99.


  • Write steno with the iPad touch-screen
  • Import your own translation dictionary (from RTF-CRE format)
  • Instant real-time translation
  • Writing speed display (strokes-per-minute)
  • The steno keyboard dimensions are the same as a physical writer
  • Customize the steno key style, text size, and colors

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iStenoPad Overlay Offer

NOTE: While the iStenoPad App may be used with any iPad device, the overlays are designed to fit most standard iPads (approx. 10" screens). They are not compatible with the iPad Pro or iPad Mini. Overlays measure approximately 9"x4.5"



There are a limited number of overlays for the StenoCAT iPad app available for NCRA A to Z® participants to borrow. The overlay provides students with a more tactile feel which more closely resembles an actual Stenograph machine. Overlays will need to be returned by the participant at the end of the program. To take advantage of this offer, please contact Elite-Brentwood Production with your name and mailing address by email at or call (615) 595-0073