Pro Tem Court Reporter

Superior Court of California
County of San Francisco
Date Posted : Jul. 18, 2022
Date Closed :

The Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, invites applications from Certified Court Reporters able to report in Realtime and work on an Intermittent or As-Needed basis. As-Needed employees will be contacted to work on a daily basis, when needed by the Court. Assignments are made in half-day or whole day increments. This position is responsible for reporting a variety of proceedings and producing transcripts upon request. Most of the assignments will be in the Criminal departments. COMPENSATION: $59.1214 - $62.6582 hourly* *Current applicable labor contract provides an additional 4% increase in base salary effective 7/01/23. Realtime Court Reporting is required and pay premiums are made depending upon a Court Reporter’s level of Realtime qualification. Court Reporters who are Realtime Certified receive a 10% pay premium and those who are or become Realtime Qualified by the Court will receive a 5.5% premium. After 1,040 paid work hours, paid health and dental insurance, retirement, and paid vacation and sick leave benefits may be available. SIGNING BONUS: Upon hire, a new Court Reporter will be eligible to be paid a $4,000 signing bonus. For questions, contact the Human Resources Office of the Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, (415) 551-0381. More information and the online application are available at

Job Types : Court Reporter, Officialship
Job Locations : California