Membership - cancellation


What is the membership dues cancellation policy?

There are separate cancellation policies for new and renewing members. In all cases, “dues amount” refers to the amount paid by the member to allow for refunds even to pro-rated dues amounts.

The refund schedule is:

  • between Sept. (for dues paid for the upcoming year) and Jan. 14th - full refund
  • between Jan. 15 and Jan. 31 - 75% of dues amount
  • between Feb. 1 and Feb. 28 - 65% of dues amount
  • between Mar. 1 and Mar. 31 - 50% of dues amount

The refund schedule for new members is:

  • within two weeks of join date - full refund
  • within one month of join date - 75% of dues amount
  • within two months of join date - 65% of dues amount
  • within three months of join date - 50% of dues amount

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