Certification - How can NCRA be sure that candidates will not share content?


How can NCRA be sure that candidates will not share content?

Testing information is confidential. By registering to take an online test, the candidate agrees that the subject and words of the test will not be disclosed to other candidates.  Failure to adhere to the policy will result in being banned from future testing and termination of NCRA membership. 

ProctorU's proctors are connected to candidates in realtime, with live audio and video connections. Additionally, proctors view a live feed of the candidate’s monitor through screen-sharing technology. After authenticating their identity, candidates must show (using an external webcam) that their workspace is secure by giving a 360-degree pan of the entire room and desk or workspace.

ProctorU uses multiple levels of recording and reporting, including full session video and audio, and screen capturing. ProctorU’s screen-sharing software provides the proctor with a list of current running processes. Proctors are able to remotely disable or close unauthorized software on the test-taker’s computer. Additionally ProctorU will require you to remove secondary monitors and will disable unnecessary software.

Candidates will be required to acknowledge that they are aware of NCRA’s policy concerning testing honesty and integrity. They must also acknowledge that failing to follow NCRA testing procedures may result in an automatic failure and being barred from taking NCRA-administered tests for a minimum of three testing cycles or permanently depending on the nature of the violation. This could also result in being suspended or expelled from the Association. Candidates must acknowledge that the tests are the exclusive property of NCRA and that copyright law protects NCRA Tests.  They must also acknowledge that no part of these tests may be copied or reproduced in part or whole by any means whatsoever, including memorization.

They will further attest that the skills test they are submitting is solely their own and developed during the exam. They will also attest that they used no notes, materials, or other aids other than those provided by NCRA.  They will further attest that they will not retain a copy (including audio, text, or stenographic) of the skills test.  They will further attest that they will not share any copies of the skills test with others including its content (terminology or topic), either privately or on a public forum. The theft or attempted theft of an NCRA test is punishable as a crime.

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