Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS)

Certified Legal Video Specialist


What is CLVS?

The Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) is designed for legal videographers to showcase proficiency in video deposition practices.  The CLVS program sets and enforces standards for competency in the capture, utilization, and retention of legal video and promotes awareness of these standards within the legal marketplace. Legal videographers partner with court reporters to ensure the integrity of both the video of legal proceedings and the official transcript.


Who is eligible for the CLVS certification?

Videographers who wish to develop proficiency in legal video deposition practices.

How to maintain your CLVS certification

As an CLVS, you'll participate in NCRA's continuing education program. All CLVSs must maintain either continuous membership or annual payment of CLVS fees in order to maintain their certifications.

I. Continuing Education requirement

CLVSs are required to earn 1.0 Continuing Education Unit (CEU), the equivalent of 10 hours of approved seminar time, per three-year CEU cycle. CLVS may earn .25 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) towards the 1.0 CEUs required for their cycle. Please check your cycle transcript to view your continuing education record for this cycle.

II. Membership requirement

CLVS certification is maintained with the one of the following annual renewals:

Renewal information
  • Mail: NCRA, Attn: CLVS Renewal, 12030 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 400, Reston, VA, 20191
  • Fax : 703-391-0629
  • Email: continuinged@ncra.org
  • Phone: 800-272-6272

You do not need your renewal form to renew over the phone. A Member Services and Information Center Specialist will be happy to assist you. NCRA hours are 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m. ET, Monday to Friday.

Please note that only NCRA members are listed in the NCRA Sourcebook, both online and in print. Learn more about CLVS Member benefits.


Recognition of your achievement

After you have earned your CLVS, you'll receive an official certificate to display in your home or office. Your CLVS also gets recognition in the Journal of Court Reporting, the NCRA Sourcebook*, and on NCRA's website.


Testing Information

1. CLVS Education

a. Mandatory Certification Workshop (Online)



 b. Hands-on Training at NCRA HQ  - March 27 (two sessions) - Registration Feb. 20 - March 15
$200 $300
2. CLVS Production
NCRA HQ - March 27 and 28 - Registration Feb. 20 - March 15 $325 $425
3. CLVS WKT Test at your closest Pearson VUE center $195 $220


The CLVS Education piece must be taken before the production exam or the WKT.
Steps 2 (Production Exam) and 3 (WKT) may be taken in any order.


Production Exam

The production exam is administered two times a year: spring and fall (depending on interest). Please contact NCRA by calling 800-272-NCRA (6272) for more information, or contact the CLVS Staff. During this exam you'll run the show at a staged deposition and be graded on your ability to follow video deposition guidelines and produce a usable, high-quality video of the deposition. When your passing grade is confirmed, and you have passed the written knowledge test, you have earned your CLVS. This exam will stay on your record for 3 years. If you have not taken your WKT within three years of the production exam, you must retake the exam.

Those who already hold another NCRA certification will earn 0.5 CEUs after passing both the Written Knowledge Test and the Production Exam.

Hotel information

Test candidates may use the NCRA corporate rate at the Dulles Crowne Plaza hotel.  The corporate rate also includes breakfast. The hotel provides free shuttle to/from the airport.


Written Knowledge Test

The Written Knowledge Test (WKT) is a 120*-question, multiple-choice test that focuses on the areas that come from the CLVS Job Analysis:

  • Pre-production (19%)
  • Production (39%)
  • Post production (28%)
  • Professional practices (14%)

You must pass with a score of 70 or better.

* Pretesting ensures that all items on an examination are items with good statistics and no brand-new, untried items will appear on any examination. This means that the examinations will have 120 items instead of 100 items. These items will not be scored, so the exams are still based off of 100 points. Candidates will not know which items are pretest items. Candidates have 110 minutes to complete all items on the test.

This exam will stay on your record for three years. If you have not taken your Production Test within three years of the WKT, you must retake the exam.




CLVS Code of Ethics


The mandatory Code of Professional Ethics for Certified Legal Video Services (CLVS) defines the ethical relationship the public, the bench, and the bar have a right to expect from a CLVS Member. The Code sets out the conduct of the CLVS Member when dealing with the user of video services and acquaints the user, as well as the Member, with guidelines established for professional behavior. By complying with the CLVS Code of Professional Ethics, CLVS Members maintain their profession at the highest level.

A CLVS Member must also adhere to the voluntary Principles for Professional Practice when providing legal video services as well as all local, state and federal rules and statutes.

Here are some resources: