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What is Scoping?

A scopist is a professional transcript editor for court reporters. However, unlike an editor or a proofreader, a scopist has the ability to compare a court reporter’s shorthand to the finished transcript. By “scoping” the transcript, mistranslate errors can be identified, thereby helping the court reporter preserve an accurate record.


Scopist and proofreaders group on Facebook

NCRA has created a members-only community group for Scopists and Proofreaders on Facebook.


Find a scopist on NCRA PROLink

Do you need a scopist? Visit NCRA PROLink.

If you are a scopist and an NCRA member, you will automatically receive an NCRA PROLink listing (unless you have opted out).

To update your listing, log onto and click on “My Profile.” Ensure your “Primary Employment Type” is “Scopist” and/or select “Scoping” under “My Personal Services.”

To purchase additional or upgraded listings, click on “My PROLink Listings.”

Nonmembers are not eligible for a listing in NCRA PROLink.


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