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The use of video in the legal environment is growing. Freelance depositions, courtroom video, video depositions ... the opportunities for legal video experts are unlimited. The NCRA Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) program can prepare and certify you for these opportunities.


NCRA's Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) Program

The NCRA Certified Legal Video Specialist program sets and enforces standards for competency in the capture, utilization, and retention of legal video and promotes awareness of these standards within the legal marketplace. NCRA strongly recommends the use of a Certified Legal Video Specialist to ensure the integrity of both the videotaped legal proceedings and the utilization of the electronically recorded media. A CLVS has been trained on the professional standards, ethics, and responsibilities of creating and maintaining the record. Learn more.


Becoming certified

The CLVS certification process is comprised of three steps. Candidates must attend an online workshop and pass both a written and a production exam. For more information about the certification process, including upcoming dates and registration fees, visit the CLVS Certification page.


CLVS Resources and Networking

For additional information and resources, visit CLVS Resources and Networking.


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