As of July 12, 2019


Make a difference to your profession and become an Angel donor! The Foundation's mission is to support the court reporting and captioning professions through philanthropic activities. Our programs recognize student achievement through scholarships, champion stenographic technologies, and encourage historic preservation of important American stories.


The following contributors have achieved Angel status by donating $1,000 - $4,999 over the past 12 months.


15-year Angels
  • Barbara Wells
14-year Angels
  • Jean & Ken Beskin
  • Joyce Z. Casey
  • Debi Cheyne
  • Rosemary Flores
  • Doug Friend
  • Caption First—Pat Graves
  • Ellen Corbett Hannum 3
  • Hunter + Geist
  • Tami & Reggie Keenan
  • McCorkle Litigation Services
  • Pat & Adam Miller
  • Marjorie Peters
  • Merilyn Sanchez
  • Steve & Laurie Shingle
  • BJ Shorak1
  • Melanie (and Gary) Sonntag2
  • Doris O. Wong
13-year Angels
  • Jan Ballman 
  • Terry Gimmellie
  • Kevin R. Hunt
  • Michael & Susan Miller
  • Wisconsin Court Reporters Association
  • YOM: Full Service Court Reporting, a Veritext Company —Julia Obien & Cheryl Mangio
12-year Angels
  • LNS Court Reporting & Captioning—Robin Nodland & Carol Studenmund
  • Antonia Pulone—Pulone Reporting Services
  • Kenneth Zais—O'Brien & Levine Court Reporting Solutions
11-year Angels
  • Benchmark Reporting Agency—Aimee & Eric Goldberg
  • Debbie Kriegshauser4
  • Utah Court Reporters Association
10-year Angels
  • Mary P. Bader
  • Holly Moose 
  • Tammey M. Pastor9
  • Victoria Legal + Corporate Services
  • Christine Willette
9-year Angels
  • Jo Ann & Gene Betler
  • Nancy Hopp9
  • Teresa Kordick
  • Kramm Court Reporting, a Veritext Company
  • Patricia A. Manners
  • Joan McQuinn
  • Toni O'Neill
  • George J. Staiduhar
  • Christine Randall of Wood & Randall
  • Stephen A. Zinone
8-year Angels
  • Kerry Anderson
  • Paula Laws
  • Karen Wimmer
7-year Angels
  • Kathy Cortopassi
  • Depo International 
  • Debra A. Dibble
  • Gramann Reporting, Ltd. 
  • Cathy Phillips
  • Phipps Reporting – Christine Phipps & Richard Applebaum 
  • Tina R. Stancill
  • Karen Tyler5
6-year Angels
  • Collins Realtime Reporting – Donna Collins
  • Reagan Evans
  • Early Langley
  • Jan Schmitt—Schmitt Reporting
  • "The Twins" Richard S. Scire & Michael A. Scire
5-year Angels
  • Cregg Seymour—CRC Salomon Inc.
  • Jane M. Fitzgerald 
  • Kimberley Neeson
  • Denise M. Paternoster6
  • Susan Portale & Dan Abdallah
4-year Angels
  • Alaris—Debbie Weaver
  • Kristin Anderson
  • Michael A. Bouley
  • Pohlman Court Reporting8
3-year Angels
  • Cornelia Baker—Baker Realtime Worldwide Reporting
  • Amicus Reporting Group (Calgary)—Brenda Ball
  • Meredith A. Bonn
  • Max Curry
  • Rich Germosen
  • Dawn M. Iseminger—Iseminger & Associates, Inc.
  • Traci Mertens 2
  • Alan Peacock
  • Tonya J. Dunn—Summit City Reporting, Inc.
  • Sandy VanderPol
2-year Angels
  • Association of Surrogates and Supreme Court Reporters Within the City of New York
  • Donna & John Cascio
  • Marcia Ferranto
  • Pamela A. Griffin
  • Allison Hall 3
  • Steve Clark—Home Team Captions
  • Jennifer Kirkbride
  • Lake-Cook Reporting, Ltd.
  • Joe Strickland & Tom Pack
  • Kate Roundy
  • Karyn D. Menck—Tennessee Captioning
1-year Angels
  • Eve & Jim Barrett7 
  • Jennifer Billstein-Miller
  • Lori M. Bryant
  • Ron Cook
  • Amie First
  • Michele K. Gustafson
  • Huney-Vaughn Court Reporters
  • Lori Cobb—Just Legal Litigation
  • Paulita Kundid
  • Lisa Michaels (Honorary)
  • Linda Walker Miller 2
  • Sandy Narup
  • Cheryl Parrish
  • Isaiah Roberts
  • Marc Greenberg - SimplySteno
  • Sousa Court Reporters
  • Kelli Ann Willis


1In memory of Freida Sclafani Williams
2In honor of Remarkable Rich Germosen and in memory of Michelle Grimes
3In memory of Mary Anne Connors DeMars
4In memory of Herb and Marian Foppe
5In honor of Rich Germosen, our illustrious practice leader, and in memory of Kelly Cobb and Michelle Grimes--both gone too soon!
6In loving memory of Frank A. Paternoster, Sr. 
7Made on behalf of Michael and Richard Scire and their continued dedication to the court reporting profession.
8In memory of our friend and colleague Carole Bartkowicz
9In honor of BJ Shorak in appreciation for her years of service



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2019 NCRF Angels Drive committee


Debi Cheyne, M.A., CSR;


Michael Bouley, RDR;
Reagan Evans, RMR, CRR, CRC; 
Jane Fitzgerald, RMR;
Rich Germosen, RMR, CRR; 
Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC;
Tami Keenan, RPR, CPE; 
Holly Moose, RDR, CRR;
Tammey Pastor, RPR (Ret.)
Denise Paternoster, RPR; 
Marjorie Peters, RMR, CRR; 
Michael Scire, RPR, CMRS;
Richard Scire, RPR;




For information on how to become an NCRF Angel, email April Weiner, Assistant Director for Development, or call 800/272-NCRA (6272).