NCRA PAC Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PAC?

A PAC, or Political Action Committee, is a fund connected to an institution or organization such as NCRA by membership but separately maintained for specific politically related functions. A PAC enables individuals to collectively support and elect persons to office whom they believe will champion their cause. In NCRA’s case, we help to support federal politicians who will keep the court reporting and captioning professions in mind when drafting and voting on legislation.

Who can give to NCRA PAC?

Most members of NCRA and their spouses can give to NCRA PAC. We use the term “Most” because not all members of NCRA can contribute. You must be a United States citizen; therefore, our international members are excluded. However, NCRA staff members at NCRA headquarters in Virginia ARE allowed to contribute.

The basic rule is that voting members of NCRA who work in the court reporting and captioning professions and their spouses are able to contribute; although, there are some exceptions to the FEC Rules. 

What does NCRA PAC do?

NCRA PAC works to further court reporters’ and captioners’ interests on Capitol Hill.  It does this via contributions to federal campaigns. Members of Congress who are friendly towards NCRA’s mission receive contributions to their campaigns from NCRA PAC. In fact, NCRA PAC’s record for success in helping to elect or re-elect these court reporter-minded lawmakers is over 90 percent!  That means during the 2016 elections over 90% of the federal campaigns to which NCRA PAC contributed won election or re-election. 

Is there a limit to how much a person may give to NCRA PAC?

A PAC may accept up to $5,000 per year from any one individual.  It is important to note that this amount is per individual, and that a spouse can donate $5,000 as well, even if only one person in the household has an income. 

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

A contribution to a PAC is not tax-deductible.  Because it is a political contribution and not a charitable one, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) does not allow a PAC contribution to be deducted. 

Can a person support NCRA PAC with funds from their business?

No.  Because NCRA PAC is a membership-based PAC, we can only accept contributions from our members, and cannot accept contributions from business accounts. Members must contribute through their personal accounts.

I gave to NCRA PAC once, isn’t that enough?

NCRA PAC only survives by the generosity of its contributors.  Although NCRA PAC greatly appreciates a contribution of any size, the more funds our PAC has, the stronger and more influential it is on Capitol Hill.  NCRA encourages members to give what they can, when they can.  We must continue to develop and maintain NCRA’s contacts, relationships, and allies on Capitol Hill.  Unfortunately, it is not a one-time contribution to a campaign that will do this job, rather continuous support from NCRA that builds and solidifies relationships. 

Where does all the money go?

Your contribution to NCRA PAC is deposited directly into NCRA’s PAC account.  Checks are then issued to select Members of Congress that fit into the giving strategy created by NCRA’s Government Relations Department.  We target Members of Congress that sit on pertinent committees that affect our issues, have the power to pass our legislation, or have been continuous supporters or advocates for the court reporting profession.  NCRA is a bipartisan organization so NCRA PAC gives to candidates from all parties.  The candidate committee that accepts PAC funds from NCRA PAC must deposit the money into their candidate PAC which is regulated and monitored closely by the FEC to ensure that the dollars are spent appropriately on their political campaign and not used for unethical or illegal purposes. 

Who runs NCRA PAC?

NCRA PAC is governed by the NCRA PAC Governing Board which in turn is governed by NCRA’s Board of Directors. Jocelynn Moore, Director, State Government Relations, reports to the PAC Governing Board with recommendations from NCRA’s Government Relations Department.  NCRA PAC depends on two channels to direct its activities, the PAC Governing Board and NCRA’s Government Relations Department.  The PAC Governing Board decides on many broad projects, fundraising efforts, and initiatives to grow NCRA PAC.  NCRA’s Government Relations Department solidifies decisions concerning the direction of funds since they are our legislative experts hired to work with Congress on a daily basis.  The Government Relations Department is responsible for ensuring our issues are heard and important bills are passed.  They are the individuals who know the Members of Congress who would be most amenable to our positions.  Both the Governing Board and the Government Relations Department welcome input concerning Members of Congress whom you would like us to consider supporting.  NCRA PAC is your tool to influence Congress, and it is our sincere hope that you learn how to utilize this tool.

How can I learn more about NCRA PAC?

To learn more about NCRA PAC explore our website or contact our Government Relations Department.