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NCRA Standard Agreement - Mentee

  • I will introduce myself to my mentee via email or phone upon being matched by the Virtual Mentor Program.
  • I agree, together with my mentee, to discuss the parameters and logistics of our communication.
  • I respect my mentee’s time and I will answer emails and/or phone calls within a reasonable time frame.
  • I understand the relationship between my mentee and me is professional in nature and that our communications must remain confidential.
  • I acknowledge that my views, opinions, guidance, and remarks are personal and may not reflect the views, opinions, guidance, or remarks of the National Court Reporters Association or any other professional association.
  • I understand that my assignment as a mentor is voluntary. If I elect to discontinue my participation in the NCRA Virtual Mentor Program, or if I wish to be assigned a different mentee, I agree to promptly email my mentee of this decision. As a courtesy, I will also notify the Virtual Mentor Program of my decision via email at so that another mentor may be assigned to my student.
  • I promise to abide by this agreement adopted by the National Court Reporters Association Virtual Mentor Program. If I fail to adhere to this agreement, I understand and agree that my mentoring relationship may be terminated, and I may be removed from the mentoring list.
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