Online Skills Test block scheduling

NCRA’s new online skills testing schedule to make registration and testing an easier and more efficient process for our members. Beginning June 2019, candidates may register for a single attempt at each skills test that they are eligible for during the open registration window, and then test the following month. Learn more



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Online Skills Test Information & Registration


The information below pertains to the following NCRA certifications: RSR, RPR, RMR, CRR, and CRC.

Online Skills Steps

  1. Read/review the following required testing information.
  2. Register for an online skills exam.
  3. Schedule and complete a free proctored practice exam.
  4. Schedule and complete your exam.



Certification test
Student member
Reporter member
 RSR $77 $95 $120
 RPR  $77  $95 $120
 RMR Not eligible $95 Not eligible
 CRR  Not eligible $200 Not eligible
 CRC  $170 $200 $220



All skills testing will now be conducted online.


Registration and dates

NOTE: registration ends at midnight Eastern Time

Registration periods

Test dates

 April 1-30, 2020  May 1-31, 2020
 June 1-20, 2020  July 1-20, 2020
 August 1-20, 2020  September 1-20, 2020



How to register:

Click on the arrow next to the appropriate certification icon below to register for the Online Skills Test. Make sure to select the correct test. We do not switch tests.


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Register for CRR Online Skills Test
Register for CRC Online Skills Test



Proctored practice test

Please be sure to take the free proctored practice if you are not familiar with the online testing process or have not tested recently.

The proctored practice ensures that your computer and equipment meet the technology requirements in the true testing environment and that you are familiar with the online testing process.

When you take your proctored practice test, choose the test labeled "Practice" (otherwise, you will be taking the actual test). The practice areas include:

  1. Attaching your notes file
  2. Attaching your transcript
  3. Copying and pasting your transcript into the Transcript area



Additional information

Testing in Realtime Coach

What is an error?

Cancellation policy

Cancellations should be sent to using the online skills test cancellation form no later than 30 days after the receipt of the confirmation email to be considered for a refund. NCRA will retain a $35 processing fee for each test registration. If you do not contact NCRA within 30 days, your testing fee will be forfeited. If you have already scheduled appointments with ProctorU, contact ProctorU directly (855-772-8678 or to cancel your appointment(s).


Online testing policy

All online testing candidates are required to sign the following disclaimer prior to taking their test(s):

I acknowledge I am aware of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) policy concerning testing honesty and integrity. Failure to follow any NCRA Testing procedures may result in my automatic failure and being barred from taking NCRA-administered tests for a minimum of three testing cycles or permanently depending on the nature of the violation. NCRA members may also be suspended or expelled from the association. I understand that the test is the exclusive property of the National Court Reporters Association. Copyright law protects the NCRA Tests. No part of these tests may be copied or reproduced in part or whole by any means whatsoever, including memorization, unless previously authorized by NCRA.

I further attest that the skills exam I am submitting is solely my own and was developed during the exam. I have used no notes, materials, or other aids other than those provided by NCRA. I further attest that, to the best of my knowledge, I have not retained a copy (either audio, text or stenographically) of the skills exam. Further, if I discover at any time that I have accidentally retained said copy, I will immediately delete it (any and all formats), and notify NCRA promptly of the discovery. I further attest that I will not share any copies of this skills test with others, nor will I share its content (terminology or topic), either privately or on a public forum. The theft or attempted theft of an NCRA Test is punishable as a crime.