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  • NCRA PAC Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a PAC? A PAC, or Political Action Committee, is a fund connected to an institution or organization such as NCRA by membership but separately maintained for specific politically related functions. A PAC enables individuals to collectively support and elect persons to office whom they believe will champion their cause. In NCRA’s case, we help to support federal politicians who will keep the …

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  • NCRF Veterans History Project (VHP) Frequently Asked Questions

    How long are the pre-recorded VHP interviews? Prerecorded interviews are 30 to 90 minutes We send interviews that are shorter than 50 minutes to student members. How many pages are the transcripts? The transcripts average 50 pages in length. How long do I have to get the transcript back to you? Reporters have 3-4 weeks. Students have 6-8 weeks. Is it difficult to get an extension? No. Will I earn …

    Categories: Donations, Advocacy, Committee, NCRF

  • A Guide to Hosting a Veterans History Project (VHP) Day

    Planning Consider forming a committee, and assign tasks to various members. Select a date and time for the Veterans History Project (VHP) Day, and begin planning months in advance. You need three categories of participants: veterans, interviewers, and transcribers (certified court reporters). Reserve an adequately sized, quiet room(s) to hold the interviews. Consider the audio…

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  • Donate to NCRA PAC


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  • Veterans History Project - Sample Personal Interview Cover Letter

    Please return the following items to NCRF: a hard copy of the transcript (required) a CD with transcript as .txt file (required) the Gratuitous Service Agreement (required) the required forms for the veteran and interviewer to fill out from the Library of Congress Field Kit (e.g., Biographical Data Form, Veterans Release Form, Interviewer’s Release Form, etc.)…

    Categories: Donations, Advocacy, Committee, NCRF

  • PDC Test - The Blood

    The Blood From the heart, blood surges through the aorta to the arteries throughout the body. From the arteries, smaller vessels called arterioles branch out. From the arterioles, the blood flows to the smallest vessels, the capillaries. The capillaries carry the blood to the individual cells of the body, where oxygen and other chemicals are delivered and waste products are collected. The capill…

    Categories: Employment Opportunities, Donations, Committee, NCRF