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Voting results and bylaws amendments

NCRA members will vote on seven amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws following the Annual Business Meeting on Aug. 15, 2019, during the NCRA Convention & Expo in Denver, Colo.

Voting will open within two hours following the close of the Annual Business Meeting. Results will be posted shortly thereafter.


Voting during elections

Additional nominations were possible if received within 60 days after publication of the Nominating Committee slate. The date by which additional nominations were to be received was May 12. No additional nominations were received. Therefore, the slate of Officers and Directors will be elected by acclamation to their respective offices during the Annual Business Meeting on August 15, 2019, in Denver, Colo.


Elections committee

The responsibility of the Elections Committee is to verify that the candidates meet the requirements set forth in the NCRA Constitution & Bylaws; to supervise and conduct the election; and to report the election results as soon as they become available.