Policies and Procedures Manual - Section 2 - Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


Advisory Opinion Procedures

Any Member in good standing may submit to the Committee on Professional Ethics a request for an Advisory Opinion. Advisory Opinions shall consist of (1) Private Advisory Opinions and (2) Public Advisory Opinions.

  1. Private Advisory Opinions
    1. A Private Advisory Opinion may be requested in lieu of proceeding with a complaint, as provided in Section A(3) of the Complaint Procedures, or by persons who seek guidance as to whether certain actions or conduct are permitted under the Code of Professional Ethics.
    2. The Committee shall keep confidential the identity of the person or persons making the request and the identity of those names in the request, unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors.
    3. The Committee's response to requests for Private Advisory Opinions shall be within the limitations of the information received by the Committee.  Additional information may be requested by the Committee, if needed.
  2. Public Advisory Opinions
    1. The Committee may from time to time recommend publication of Public Advisory Opinions which illuminate one or more of the provisions of the Code of Professional Ethics.  These opinions may be based on facts derived from requested Private Advisory Opinions, deleting reference to names or places, or on an assumed state of facts.
  3. Review
    1. The Board of Directors may review any Private or Public Advisory Opinion on its own motion and adopt, modify, or reject it in whole or in part.