What is the NCRA Corporate Partnership Program?

NCRA is grateful to each organization that will step up to provide the resources required to take our professions into the future.

A standard development strategy in the trade association industry, the Corporate Partnership program was created to enable NCRA to serve its members and provide value without raising dues, as well as assist NCRA in acquiring the knowledge, resources, and funding needed to advance the professions into the next decade.

A 12-month sponsorship with NCRA provides benefits back to our corporate partners, such as advertising, event tickets, memberships, and publicity. As the drivers of the value proposition of the program, NCRA believes we have created a win-win for everyone and together we will be able to move the needle and implement our aggressive 3-year strategic plan.

All stakeholders within our professions not only have distinct challenges that have arisen from the current state of the industry, they also have unique perspectives on where the opportunities lie and how the shortage of court reporters and captioners, as well as the perception of the value of stenography, fall into place.

Whether freelancer or official, small firm owner or large legal services firm, software developer or machine manufacturer, court reporting schools or job assignment mobile apps, NCRA is creating an environment of collaboration rather than competition. For each vertical market within the court reporting and captioning professions, the overall challenges and opportunities are the same.

With the support of diverse organizations, NCRA can take a holistic approach to meeting our industry’s challenges head on. Any company or organization aligned with NCRA can become a corporate partner at any point in time, as the 12-month agreements are made on a rolling basis.

Again, thank you to all of the organizations and individuals that support NCRA. Whether by becoming corporate partners, advertising in our media outlets, sponsoring our events, or volunteering your valuable time, together we will take our professions abundantly into the future.