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NCRA's TechCon 2013

NCRA's TechCon 2013 Registration Information

Registration Information

Registration deadline has been extended to April 12. All registration categories include one attendance ticket to the Saturday evening Ignite session and reception. Workshop registrations also include one free drink ticket to be used at the event. Please note that the new hotel reservation deadline for the room block rate is April 5.

Please contact NCRA if you have a disability or dietary restriction and require accommodations to fully participate in this event.

Register at TechCon. Fill out the form before you arrive to expedite your registraion.

 Download a registration form.


 Legal Tech Labs (General Attendance)


 Registration Fee


 Three Days - All Inclusive

Friday, Saturday, Sunday



Two Days

Select from Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday



 One Day

Select from Friday, Saturday, or Sunday



CLVS Program




CLVS Seminar - Both Days w/ Sunday Legal Labs

Friday, Saturday, Sunday



CLVS Seminar - Both Days

Friday & Saturday



CLVS Seminar - Mandatory Day Only




CLVS Seminar - Mandatory Day w/ 1 Day of Legal Labs

(Friday or Sunday) Saturday



CLVS Seminar - Mandatory Day w/ 2 Days of Legal Labs

Friday, Saturday, Sunday



Trial Presentation Program




Trial Presentation Workshop & Test w/ Sunday Legal Tech Labs Option

 Friday, Saturday, Sunday



Trial Presentation Workshop & Test

Friday & Saturday



 Realtime Systems Administrator Program




Realtime Systems Administrator w/ Sunday Legal Tech Labs Option

Friday, Saturday AM, Sunday



Realtime Systems Administrator w/ Saturday afternoon
Legal Tech Labs Option

Friday & Saturday



Realtime Systems Administrator

Friday & Saturday AM



Realtime Systems Administrator Exam

Saturday PM



Other Events




Guest Ticket to Ignite Session and Reception

Saturday Evening


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Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop | Trial Presentation Workshop
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