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Jun 23
Currently resides in: Jacksonville, Fla. Employment type: Freelance reporter in criminal court Member since: 2002 Gradua... ...MORE

Jun 20
By Jennifer Porto Jessie Frey has just celebrated her first year working as a freelance deposition reporter. She was a s... ...MORE

Jun 20
By Jennifer Late and Susie Simmons The Technology Committee recently shared a number of travel apps designed to make you... ...MORE

Jun 20
By Sheryl Teslow and Lori McGowan In 2013, the U.S. State Department held a public comment hearing in Grand Island, Neb.... ...MORE

Aug 10 - 13, 2017
2017 NCRA Convention & Expo to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. ...MORE

Jan 28 - 30, 2018
2018 Firm Owners Executive Conference, St. Petersburg, Fla. Jan. 28-30, 2018 ...MORE

Feb 10 - 17, 2018
Court Reporting & Captioning Week ...MORE

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