Careers in Captioning & Court Reporting

The National Court Reporters Association represents a variety of professionals in the court reporting industry. Captioners, court reporters, and legal videographers are all focused on capturing the spoken word.




I am a captioner


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I love that I get to caption big world events. I’ve captioned the State of the Union address, Nancy Reagan’s funeral, and the pope when he was in America.


"I work from home to caption live news and sporting events. Sportscasters speak; I write. My steno is instantly translated to English with impressive accuracy, given the speed at which this process happens. As a specialized CART captioner, I also provide an instantaneous text stream to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. I level the playing field in classrooms, at community events, at church services, and whenever I’m needed. I open doors of information." Learn more




I am a court reporter

I made it through court reporting school by having a great group of friends who were also students. Hard work does pay off in the end when you finally get to take your first deposition.

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"I’m fluent in a language that allows me to convert speech to text as fast as humans can speak (at least 225 words per minute with 96% accuracy). I put Siri to shame. I’m a master of technology. I’m committed to constantly learning and improving my skills. I run my own business as a freelancer, and I set my own hours – I may write deposition transcripts one day and caption a town hall meeting or church service the next. Or, I work in federal, state, county, and local courts to capture the record." Learn more




I am a legal videographer


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Although automation of equipment has made one aspect of videography easier, there are many more variables that one encounters as a legal videographer. Encoding, transcoding, synchronization, archiving, editing, and trial presentation now fall in the videographers’ domain.


"I love technology. I capture the video record of depositions. I make sure that the video evidence supports the official transcript provided by a professional court reporter, and I can even sync the transcript to my video to create a polished, effective tool for litigators." Learn more