Getting Started with Realtime

NCRA members have become realtime proficient to meet the demands of the market. Providing realtime also allows court reporters to differentiate themselves from other methods of making the record. NCRA encourages state associations and individual members to carry the realtime message to reporter colleagues. Experience has shown that  learning in small group settings is ideal for helping court reporters make the transition to realtime.


The resources below can aid in learning more about realtime. Please feel free to use them on your own or with other like-minded court reporters.


Fast-track realtime

Fast-track your learning to get you on your way to writing realtime!

Below are some useful links that will provide information on your realtime technical needs, writing tips, and ideas on how to face challenges. If you don’t have access to a local realtime group, you have access to some great information just for you. And if you are involved in a realtime group, here are some fresh ideas and tips to have in mind before your next meeting.

Realtime tips

Hardware tips

Software tips

Writing tips

Fighting fear tips



Last updated 1/2/2019