State Association Benefits

The following list explains the many benefits and services that are available to state and local reporting associations. Services or benefits that differ for a nonaffiliated association compared to an affiliated association are designated with an asterisk.


Representation on National Committee of State Associations (NCSA)*

Each affiliated unit may appoint two delegates and two alternates to NCSA. Each affiliated unit may have no more than two votes on NCSA. In addition, delegates-at-large who represent states that are not affiliated, with a voice but no vote, may be appointed by the President to serve on NCSA. The NCRA Constitution and Bylaws govern these terms.

Participation in NCRA's Directors and Officers professional liability insurance policy*

Affiliated associations are provided with voluntary participation, contingent upon paying an annual premium of $381. All participating affiliate units are covered under a single policy, subject to a limitation of $1,000,000 in coverage per claim and $5,000,000 annual aggregate. The deductible is $2,500 per claim.

Unaffiliated statewide reporting associations can contact Kevin Kelly 703-556-6272 in order to determine if they're eligible to participate in this program.

Listing on NCRA website and publications

A listing on the State Court Reporting Associations section of NCRA's Web site is available to all statewide reporting associations upon request. Affiliated units are clearly distinguished from nonaffiliated units.

State organizations are encouraged to include complete listings of regional, county and other reporting organizations within their state, so new or potential members clicking through the national listings to a state Web site will have access to this information.

Annual meetings of both affiliated and nonaffiliated units may be listed on NCRA's Web site interactive meetings calendar.

Evaluation of educational programs for CEU credits

The cost is $125 for all court reporting membership organizations, whether affiliated or nonaffiliated.

Mailing List rental

Rental of a mailing list is limited to the promotion of educational opportunities. Mailing labels within a state are included in seminar evaluation fees for both affiliated and nonaffiliated groups.

For labels outside of an immediate state or region, affiliates and nonaffiliates pay $0.15 per label (a minimum of $150 per order). However, NCRA may exercise discretion in determining whether a requesting organization is of sufficient size and the program is of sufficient interest to warrant providing labels outside the immediate state/region.

JCR advertising

All reporting organizations may advertise in the magazine so long as they adhere to NCRA's Advertising Policy. Discounts are available based on multiple issue commitments.

Purchase of bulk supplies of career brochures

Affiliated associations may obtain up to 100 brochures for free, and 10 cents each for quantities above this amount, plus postage.

Rebates for assisting and administering NCRA certification testing

In return for providing a test site, appointing a Chief Examiner, and assuring the security and integrity of how the exams are conducted, participating organizations receive a rebate of: $12 per test candidate if graded and $6 per candidate if ungraded. This opportunity is open to any organization that NCRA deems capable of fulfilling the duties required to effectively staff a test site.

Access to professional public relations

Within limits of available time and budget, the cost of advice and consultation to affiliates is covered by NCRA's public relations program. Out-of-pocket costs such as travel are covered by the state. NCRA's PR counsel may also be hired directly by states for more extensive projects.

NCRA may exercise its best judgment to determine who is the most appropriate local individual to work with in response to a public relations need, regardless of that individual's state membership.

Member prospect lists

Prospect lists are shared on a reciprocal basis with all interested reporting organizations.

Invitation to NCRA Leadership Conference and Legislative Boot Camp*

Representatives from all affiliates are invited to attend these events.

Participants not representing an affiliated unit must seek approval from NCRA's Executive Committee in order to attend. All reasonable requests are granted.

State leaders network

This web-based resource center and online forum is open to all affiliated associations' leaders. All State Leadership Conference participants, including any nonaffiliated associations, may also obtain access.

Access to NCRA staff experts and counsel

Assistance and support is provided to individual members (regardless of state membership) and affiliated groups, primarily via telephone and e-mail, on such issues as association law, lobbying, statistics, publishing, ethics, etc.

NCRA representatives at state conventions

Both affiliated and nonaffiliated groups may request an NCRA representative for a convention; however, all requests cannot always be accommodated.