State of the Nation Activities Report (SONAR)

Welcome to SONAR! The State Of the Nation Activities Report is a program created to manage a knowledge databank, which will be invaluable to NCRA staff, the Board and state leaders when dealing with state or national issues. The SONAR acronym is appropriate because we delve into the depths of the court reporting profession. This report assists in navigating the waters of our profession and gives you, the affiliates, real bench-marking capabilities.

SONAR can be utilized for many purposes including better understanding of NCRA state affiliates, the members in each state and issues that face reporters in those states. Moreover, SONAR allows NCRA to better target members for services and products. This program creates a tool to more effectively interact with members while giving the Board members a complete picture of issues affecting our members. This tool is intended to give us a macro and micro look at the profession.  

If you have questions or concerns about this program or if there is an issue that you would like additional information on, please contact NCRA's Government Relations Department. 


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