Steno Briefs: Courtroom Terms

Courtroom Terms*  
Agenda JAEND
Aggravated assault GRAULT
Aggravated sexual assault SGRAULT
Bench warrant  BARNT
Blackmail BLAIL
Bona fide B-FD
Can you tell me KUMT
Can you tell me in your own words KMOURDZ
Challenge for cause KHAUZ
Constitutional NEL, SKOURBL
Constitutional rights NEL/RAOITS, STURTS
County jail KAIL
Defendant's Exhibit DOIB
Defendant's Exhibit Number DOIN
Dissolution SDLAOGS
Direct your attention DREN, DRURT
Emancipation PAIGS
Fair and accurate FRAKT
Fair and impartial FAIP
Federal Rules FRAOULZ
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure FRAOULZ/SIP
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure FRAOULZ/KRIP
Felon in possession FLOEPBGS
Felon in possession of a firearm (watch for fire alarm conflict) FLARM
Gentlemen of the jury J-J
Green Leafy Substance GR-FS
Guardian GUARN
Guideline GLAOIN
Harass H-R
Head nods parenthetical NOD/NOD
Head shakes parenthetical SHAIK/SHAIK
In your own words NOURDZ
Incident NINT
Incident occurred NURD
Indecent liberties *ILS
Indecent liberties with a minor SLA*M
Irretrievable IRT
Is there anything further? STHRIFRT
Jury box JOX, J-RB
Jury in parenthetical JIRN/JIRN
Jury out parenthetical JIRT/JIRT
Juryroom J-RM, JIRM
Ladies and gentleman of the jury JAIRJ
Marked for identification MOID
May we approach MAOEP
May I approach MAOEUP
Minor child MAOIFP
Minor children MAOIFN
Modification MOIFGS
No Further Questions NO-URTS
Pass for cause POK, POK/POK
Peremptory challenge P-K
Plea agreement PLAEMT
Plea agreement PLAOEMT
Plea arrangement PLAING
Plea bargain PLAOEB
Plea and sentence PLAOENS
Plea arrangement PRANG
Plea hearing PLAERG
Plaintiff's Exhibit PLOIB
Plaintiff's Exhibit Number PLOIN
Police officer PLAOFR
Police Officer PLIFR
Polygraph P-G
Probation PROIB
Probation officer PRAUFR, PRAOFR
Probation violation PROIF
Probation violation PROIGS
Prospective jurors POURZ
Public defender POURZ
Recidivism RIFM
Representative REPT
Right-of-way ROIRP, ROF
Roadway ROIRP
Sheriff's officer SHAOFR
State's Exhibit STOIB
State's Exhibit Number STOIN
United States AOUTS
Verdict Form VERM or VERFM
Voir Dire VOIRD
Weapon WEP
When you say WHUS
When you see WHUZ
With a minor WAM
Would you raise your right hand WOUR
You know Y-N
,You know (yes, it is a "J"; spelled out for clarification) SY-N
You know, Y-NS
, you know,     ( " ) SY-NS