NCRF Veterans History Project (VHP) Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the prerecorded VHP interviews?

Prerecorded interviews are 30 to 90 minutes. We send interviews that are shorter than 50 minutes to student members.

How many pages are the transcripts?

The transcripts average 50 pages in length.

How long do I have to get the transcript back to you?

Reporters have 3-4 weeks. Students have 6-8 weeks.

Is it difficult to get an extension?


Will I earn 0.25 CEUs per transcript?

No. You will earn 0.25 PDCs per VHP transcript. Registered members can earn a maximum of 1.0 PDC (or four transcripts) within their three-year certification cycle. Learn more about CEUs and PDCs at

Are the interviews colloquy or Q&A?

The interviews are colloquy.

What will I need to return to NCRF?

At a minimum, you will return a hard copy of the transcript, a copy of the transcript and the actual interview on a CD or thumb drive, and the Gratuitous Service Agreement (GSA) form. The Library of Congress requires that we send them your hard copy and the digital document saved on the thumb drive or CD. This is a Library of Congress VHP policy. ALWAYS keep copies of your work. To expedite the processing of your PDC credit, please email your VHP files to

I will be transcribing a veteran’s interview in realtime. Is there anything I should know?

Yes. In addition to downloading the Field Kit from the Library of Congress website to get the sample interview questions and required veteran and interviewer release forms, you also will need to complete the Voluntary Services Agreement form (page 13 of the VHP Transcription Guidelines).  Please request PDCs from NCRF in your email.

Will my name be published on the Library of Congress website as the transcriber?

Yes. See this transcript entry on the Veterans History Project website as an example. Please know that we cannot monitor the work of the Library of Congress and its processing of our NCRF-submitted transcripts.

I have a suggestion for a question that should be on this FAQ sheet. Where should I send it?

Please email your suggestions to

Thank you for supporting our veterans and helping to preserve our nation’s history!