"BJ has committed the better part of her career to building lasting relationships between NCRF and like-minded organizations, establishing unprecedented programs that benefit our members, students, and the legal profession as a whole and creating a legacy on which the Foundation will continue to grow."

NCRA CEO and Executive Director Marcia Ferranto

Let's celebrate 31 years of BJ!

BJ Shorak, Deputy Executive Director of the National Court Reporters Foundation (NCRF), will retire in January 2019.


In honor of BJ's 31 years of service to NCRA and NCRF, a special fundraising drive has been set up with a goal of raising $31,000 by January 11, 2019.



Goal: $31,000

Raised as of January 7, 2019: $13,371



Thank you to the special contributors who have made a donation to the National Court Reporters Foundation in honor of BJ Shorak's retirement:


Debbie Arter
Mary Bader
Jan Ballman
Shelly Burnett
Laura Butler
Irene Cahill 
Elizabeth Danilson
Marcia Ferranto
Jane Fitzgerald 
Patricia Graves
Ellie Corbett Hannum 
Lori Heaphy
Tammara Hogsett
Nancy Hopp
David Jackson
Karen Jacoby
John Jameson 
Joseph Karlovits 
Tami Keenan
Teresa Kordick
Maureen Kreimer
Donna Linton
Patric Martin 
Michael McAdam
Patricia Miller
Roger Miller 
Melanie Peters
Christine Phipps 
Donna Prather 
Mary Quinn
Joan Humphrey Reidel 
Cregg Seymour 

Arnella Sims
Karla Sommer
Melanie (and Gary) Sonntag 
Wendel Stewart 
Robin Sunkees
Suzanne Vadnal
Sandra VanderPol
Greg Weiland 
Christine Willette 
Sue Wolk
Karen Yates