2018 Annual Convention & Expo - Helpful Tips & Information

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General registration

What is the Hyatt Regency meeting space password?

Select @Hyatt_Meeting from the list of available WiFi networks on your laptop or mobile device. Once the network is selected, you will be prompted to enter a password NCRA2018 (case sensitive). You will now be connected to the internet.
Please note that there will be separate instructions and a separate network to connect to WiFi in hotel guest rooms.

What if I have already registered and want to add or delete a session?

Call 800-272-6272 or email meetings@ncra.org, and we can help you with adding or deleting a session.

If I have a full registration, can I attend the Teachers Workshop?

Yes, you can attend the Teachers Workshop with a full registration.

Do you have a payment plan for attending the 2018 NCRA Convention & Expo?

Unfortunately, we do not have a payment plan for attending Convention.

What are the additional taxes for one night in a standard room?

These taxes are approximately 13 percent, plus 1.75 percent tourism assessment, plus $3 occupancy fee per room per night.

Does the Hyatt Regency New Orleans require a deposit for the reservation?

No deposit is required when making a reservation, but they do require a credit card to confirm the reservation.  Nothing will be charged to the card until the guest arrives for the conference or cancels within the hotel's standard cancellation window, which is 3 days prior to arrival. Attendees can use a different credit card upon arrival to the hotel.

Can I get a discount on registration for the convention if I am a student?

NCRA offers a considerable discount for student registrations. NCRA Convention & Expo full registration is $620; student registration is $110. Along with NCRA’s contribution, NCRA members support students with individual sponsorship donations upon registration. This enables us to provide the discounted rate of $110.

Is there a sponsorship program for student registrations?

NCRA members have the opportunity to support the students by including an additional donation with their Convention registration. These sponsorship dollars go toward the cost of the student registration that enables us to provide a discounted rate of $110.

I am opting for the full registration, but I do not want to attend the social events. Can I take those off and reduce the registration fee?

Yes, you can attend workshops and certification programs without purchasing a full registration. If registering online, on the “Select Main Registration” page, choose option #6, and choose your special sessions or workshops.

If I only want to attend the concurrent sessions without the social events, do I need to register for the full package?

Yes, you would have to register for a full package or you can opt for a 1-Day Registration for either Friday or Saturday.



Workshops and auxiliary events

Will the CRI Certification Workshop be offered at the 2018 NCRA Convention & Expo?

No, the CRI orientation and exam will not be offered this year at convention. Members may check back on the website for future dates. 

Do I need to bring my machine for the Certified Realtime Captioner (CRC) workshop?

Yes, we do recommend that attendees bring their machines for hands-on exercises.

If I attend the CRC workshop, can I attend the premier session and keynote?

Yes, you may. There are no tickets required for the Premier Session and keynote on Friday.

Do I need to bring my computer to take the CRC exam?

No, you do not need a computer. It is a Written Knowledge Test on paper. Please bring a pen or pencil.

Are you serving food during day one of the CRC workshop?

No, lunch will be on your own. There is time for lunch built into the schedule on day one of the CRC Workshop.

Can an NCRA retired member participate in the National Speed Contest?

Yes, NCRA retired members who want to sign up and participate in the National Speed Contest may do so.




When will my credits show on my transcript?

CEUs will post to your transcript approximately 2-3 weeks after convention.

If I attend the CRR Boot Camp, will I earn CEUs?

Yes, you will receive 0.3 CEU for attending the CRR Boot Camp.

How many CEUs can I earn for attending the 2018 NCRA Convention & Expo?

You can earn up to 2.3 CEUs. This would require a Thursday Vendor Workshop (0.7 CEU) and attending all available concurrent seminars with a full registration on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.