The Many Rewards of Professional Certification



It’s “Celebrate Certification” Month!

To celebrate certification, the JCR contacted several NCRA members who have earned certifications. The NCRA members reflect the wide range of certifications NCRA offers, from the entry-level RPR to the RDR, which reflects the highest level of tested skills among members; NCRA’s two realtime certifications, the CRR and the CRC; and NCRA’s Certified Legal Video Specialist. Some of the members profiled have also earned NCRA certification as instructors (the CRI) or business skills (the CMRS).





When it comes to employment, NCRA certifications let potential employers know that I am qualified for the job even before opening my mouth to speak.

Jeseca C. Eddington, RDR, CRR, CRC



I believe continuing education is what makes one’s job more satisfying. Attending seminars with fellow professionals or watching videos online keeps us energized with new ideas.”

Esrom Jayasinghe, CLVS



There’s not a lot of jobs in the world where you can be a professional and a parent and feel like you’re giving your best to both. I love my job. After 10 years, I’m still so thankful I do what I do.

Laura Ohman, RPR